HAPPY HALLOWEEN from my demonic cat, Stu!!  :D
I spent entirely too much time staring at this.



true… hard not to do it though!

This makes me LIVID. LIVID. 
Just because you “reward yourself with food” doesn’t make you a fucking dog.
Maybe this is because I’m a baker and my entire life revolves around food, but if I get this sous chef job I’m going for tomorrow, I’m taking my fucking self to Osteria Morini for a bowl of carbonara and I’M NOT GOING TO BE A DOG FOR IT. 
A reward is something you enjoy, and just because some people enjoy this more than they enjoy that, doesn’t mean you get to criticize them for it.

I do a lot of hard work and a lot of good work, and most of it has nothing to do with the internet. I’m going to reward myself how I wish.
Also, dogs can’t fucking cook.

I get the sentiment, but…  screw it.  Call me a bitch, I’m making cookies tonight.